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Companies said ‘yes!’ to a four-day week

A groundbreaking four-day week pilot got the thumbs up from almost nine out of every 10 firms taking part, with 86 per cent saying they plan to keep the new model.

The year-long study into the benefits of a shorter working week run by 4 Day Week Global hit its half-way point this week.

88 per cent of companies said it was ‘working well’, while nearly half revealed productivity had stayed around the same level, despite the drop in hours. Over a third reported a ‘slight’ improvement in productivity and 15 per cent said the boost was significant.

The pilot involves more than 3,300 workers at 70 UK companies, ranging from a local chippy to large corporates. Employees get to maintain the same level of pay while enjoying a bounty of three-day weekends, but they have to promise to maintain productivity.

4 Day Week Global CEO Joe O’Connor admitted that, for some companies, the model had not been without its teething troubles, but he said that most experienced “pleasing discoveries and outcomes.”

O’Connor said: “Essentially, they are laying the foundation for the future of work by putting a four-day week into practice, across every size of business and nearly every sector, and telling us exactly what they are finding as they go.”

Image: Alistair MacRobert

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